What is Vashikaran ?

In the field of Vashikaran Tantra and Mantra, it is a familiar name, which means to subdue a person or group under his subjection. An ancient legacy of Vashikaran system is Vashikaran is a tantric process through which we can convince a person to work on his wishes. Sometimes we fail to express our feelings to the desired person, and we want that the person come and contact us and thus it is the best way to practice vachikaran, which results very fast and 100% harmless.

Vigilance, attraction, and hypnosis are a complex verb. This requires the guidance, diligence, concentration and guidance of the right guru. As much as the complex action of captivating, the system becomes as easy through meditation. Vashikaran is an action based on the microscopic wave. The effect of the seeker’s thoughts on the subject of Tantric sadhana in the mechanism, shapes and mantras in the mechanism of the kind of change that happens when the effect is made on its effect, is the transmission of power with more intense and more power.

Vashikaran is a sophisticated form of hypnosis in one form. In hypnosis one person acts on one’s actions by somebody, whatever we see or hear, it has an immediate effect on our mind-brain. You see any disorderly accident and your If you have a direct effect on the heart and mind, you can not forget it even after making lakhs of effort. Someone said abusive, you heard immediately your face turned red Singing, your blood will open brings you said would have been angry that you can not control, you will be ready to go through everything this natural action. The man’s subdue does not go on in these when man is not dominated, and by which he is subdued, it is called “Vashikaran”.

In the present age, the vicissitiveness that achieves the fulfillment of what remains of the rest in his life, after obtaining such a position, he, after obtaining such status, will be able to control his authority, his friend, his girlfriend, boyfriend or any person under the system in a short time. By doing this he can do the desired work and it is certain that through the mechanism someone is subdued, then he works on his signatures throughout life. Too many secret experiment.

Mantra chant has special significance in Vashikaran Kriya, it is believed to be of three types.

1. Mental chant – The chant of mantras in mental chant is done in the heart.
2. Chantak chanting: – In chanting chant, recitation of mantras is recited.
3. Kyaik chant: – In chanting of poetic chant, the mantra untouched is read.

Mental chant is best described in these three jeeps. Chanting of Mantra can be done on the posterior fingers of the fingers or by prana-prestige garland, Mala can be of Rhinestone, Rudraksh, Achike, Coral or Pearl.