In Tantra –Manta Science Mohini Vashikaran Vidya, Hypnosis or Mohan is also a miraculous mode in Mantra Science. Regarding the Mohini Vashikaran Vidya, continuous research is being done by Tantriks and psychiatrists and the effort is being made to know whether the minds of other people can be known.

Ever since man moved forward to acquire knowledge, in his heart it became a feeling that information should be received in connection with it before a person can speak, to make him favorable, or to avoid adverse circumstances. But because of lack of sufficient knowledge about this, the person is afraid of waiting. He fears that no one is betraying him. There is no knowledge of others about the work that he has hidden in his life. Because of these thoughts, mental stress remains in it, which affects its body and its ability.

Scientists have concluded that the idea is not in the mind, it is produced in the brain, resulting in a staining image in the brain. This picture idea is influenced by the waves through the atmosphere. The second person can assume the idea of this Taran, if that power is in it.

But this eclipse power of the brain can be awakened only through practice. For this, different types of experiments were conducted by the Sammohan experts on the basis of Tract.

The person in whose mind was to know about it, was put in front and tried to know the thoughts by peeping in his eyes. In such a way, success was also achieved to some degree which proved that the thoughts are influenced by the waves and can be assumed. One shortage in this experiment was to know the matter of his mind. He had to sit in front of him. Apart from this, the progress or should be proven to be aggressive so that his mental power can be proven from the front.

In India, Mohini Vashikaran Vidyadha is seen as a miracle. It has been described in the ancient texts as a straightforward, straightforward research, while considering this mode as a serious subject. In the brain, within the brain -The people dominated by the latest techniques of wandering are being used. This results in shocking results.